pokleng (Karbi)
Contributed by: Sarthe Teron Milik (ছাৰ্থে টেৰন মিলিক) on 2014-06-16
1. Medical Science(Common Noun-Neuter) Ascitis is an abnormal accumulation of protein and electrolyte rich fluid in the peritoneal cavity or abdominal cavity. Rapidly developing (acute) ascites can occur as a complication of trauma, perforated ulcer, appendicitis, or inflammation of the colon or other tube-shaped organ (diverticulitis). This condition can also develop when intestinal fluids, bile, pancreatic juices, or bacteria invade or inflame the smooth, transparent membrane that lines the inside of the abdomen (peritoneum). However, ascites is more often associated with liver disease and other long-lasting (chronic) conditions and also in some type of cancers. পেটত পানী জমা হোৱা ৰোগ৷ এই ৰোগ লিভাৰৰ অসুখ বা অন্য বিভিন্ন ৰোগৰ উপৰ্ষগ হিচাবে দেখা দিয়ে৷