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post-office (English) [ IPA: [post-office] ASM: প’ষ্ট-অফিচ]
Contributed by: Buljit Buragohain বুলজিৎ বুঢ়াগোহাঁই on 2006-09-01
1. (Material Noun-Neuter) an office or station of a government postal system at which mail is received and sorted, from which it is dispatched and distributed, and at which stamps are sold or other services rendered. ডাক বিভাগৰ কাৰ্যলয়৷ ইয়াত চিঠি-পত্ৰ পঠিয়াবৰ বাবে জমা কৰিব পাৰি, ডাক-টিকত কিনিব পাৰি৷