purism (English)
Contributed by: Tapan K Sarma(তপন কুমাৰ শৰ্মা) on 2016-09-07
1. Art and Culture(Abstract Noun) an early 20th-century artistic style and movement founded by Le Corbusier and the French painter Amédée Ozenfant (1886–1966) and emphasizing purity of geometric form. It arose out of a rejection of cubism and was characterized by a return to the representation of recognizable objects. কুৰি শতিকাৰ আদিতে আৰম্ভ হোৱা কলা সংস্কৃতি এটি ধাৰা আৰু আন্দোলন৷ ফৰাচী চিত্ৰ শিল্পী এমেদি বিশুদ্ধবাদৰ জনক৷