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quarantine (English) [ IPA: ˈkwɔrənˌtiːn ASM: কোৱাৰানটাইন]
Contributed by: Pankaj Borah (পঙ্কজ বৰা) on 2009-05-02
1. (Verb-Trans.) To compel to remain at a distance, or in a given place, without intercourse, when suspected of having contagious disease; to put under, or in, quarantine. ৰোগ নিবিয়পিবৰ কাৰণে অলগাই ৰখা।

Contributed by: Bikram M Baruah on 2020-07-01
2. Medical Science(Abstract Noun) The process of keeping somebody in isolation to prevent disease spread কোনো ৰোগীক ৰোগ সংক্ৰামণ নহ’বলৈ আনৰ পৰা পৃথককৈ ৰখাৰ ব্যৱস্থা