soapnut (English) [ IPA: চ’পনাট ASM: চ’পনাট]
Contributed by: Atul Ch. Kakoti on 2009-12-24
1. Tree(Abstract Noun) Indian soapnut (sapindus laurifolius Vahl) is cultivated through northwest India including West Bengal and Assam. The fruits are small leathery-skinned and yellow coloured drup of 1-2 cm in diameter, which are commonly used as detergent. হালধীয়া বৰণৰ ডাঠ ছালযুক্ত এবিধ গুটি ৷ এইগুটি সাধাৰণতে চাবোন হিচাবে ব্যৱহাৰ কৰা হয় ৷