tnumto and fro

to (English) [ IPA: ASM: টু]
Contributed by: Biraj Kumar Kakati on 2006-04-28
1. (Conjuction) A term normally written before his or her address indicating for whom the letter is meant. কোনো চিঠিৰ আদিৰ ঠিকনাৰ আগত লিখা শব্দ।
English: to,
Assamese: প্ৰতি,
Mising: olope,
Garo: -na,
Meeteilon: fangfam,
Karbi: phan

Contributed by: Bikram M Baruah on 2006-04-28
2. (Conjuction) A word refering to the destination where one is intending to go or arrive at. চতুৰ্থ বিভক্তি। নিদিষ্ট লক্ষ্যৰ পিনে।
English: to,
Assamese: লৈ,
Bodo: सिम,
Meeteilon: maikeida,
Karbi: ann,
Nagamese: ke, loi,
Hajong: ভায়