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1. Climbers(Common Noun) a kind of parasitic plant growing upon another tree. গছৰ ওপৰত গজা এবিধ ক্ষুদ্ৰ উদ্ভিদ ৷
English: Vascum album,
Assamese: তৰুৰূহা, পৰলতা, ৰঘু-মৰা, ৰঘুমলা

2. VegetablesClimbers(Common Noun-Neuter) A crop can be grown throughout the year. It is a vine plant with small bunches of fruits. Tender fruits are used for cooking. The fruit are with long pedicels and swollen tips like bulb.
English: clove bean, Ipomoea Muricata sci ,
Assamese: কলমদানী, লং উৰহী