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Cardosanto (English) [ IPA: [Cardosanto] ASM: কাৰ্ড’চাণ্ট’]
Contributed by: Anjal Borah (অঞ্জল বৰা) on 2009-10-31
1. Plants(Common Noun) Argemone mexicana is a species of poppy found in Mexico and now widely naturalized in the United States, India and Ethiopia. An annual herb with bright yellow sap, it has been used by the Natives of the western US and parts of Mexico. The seed-pods secrete a pale-yellow latex substance when cut open. This argemone resin contains berberine and protopine, and is used medicinally as a sedative. Used in leprosy, scabies, and syphilis, in gonorrhea. Seed smoke in toothache and carriage. Oil is used as purgative and illuminating. Seed latex is used in dropsy, jaundice, cuta-neous affections, healing of ulcers, herpes, skin diseases. Also used as antidote against snakebite. এবিধ কাঁইটযুক্ত সেউজীয়া উদ্ভিদ৷