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adjust (English) [ IPA: əˈdʒəst ASM: এডজাষ্ট]
Contributed by: Kishor Kumar Barman on 2008-03-10
1. (Verb-Trans.) To put in proper order, to dispose (persons, or parts) in the manner intended, or best suited for the purpose; as, troops arranged for battle. শৃংখলাৱদ্ধ কৰা, যথোপযুক্তভাৱে ৰখা বা ব্যৱস্থা কৰা

Contributed by: Abhijit Kalita on 2011-10-06
2. (Verb-Trans.) to fit or mix properly in a group, environment etc. মিলি পৰ, সোমাই যা