confront (English) [ IPA: kənˈfrənt ASM: কনফ্ৰণ্ট]
Contributed by: Dr. Neelotpal Deka, LL.M. (IT & IP Law, UK) on 2007-07-19
1. (Verb-Trans.) To come in front one one another, sepcially for a contest

Contributed by: Biraj Kumar Kakati on 2010-10-27
2. Legal(Verb-Trans.) To interrogate both the parties (plaintiff and defendant) in presence of each other. পৰস্পৰ বিৰোধী দুজন মানুহৰ এজনক আন এজনৰ মুখা-মুখি কৰি সোধ্ ৷