Dictionary entry: contest(Language: English; IPA: kənˈtest; Assamese: কনটেষ্ট)

Meaning 1:Art and Culture(Abstract Noun) a session of a given activity where winners are selected
কোনো নিৰ্দ্দিষ্ট ক্ৰিয়াৰ এক বিশেষ আয়োজন, য’ত বিজয়ী নিৰ্বাচিত কৰা হয়

Related Ideas:
1. antagonist competitor contender contestant opponent

Meaning 2:(Verb-Trans.) to participate in an activity where winners are selected

old=Old / Obsolete Use; pfx=Prefix; phr=Phrase; sci=Scientific; sfx=Postfix/Suffix; xp=Xobdo Prescribed; in=Indian English; uk=British English; us=American English; bo=Borpetia; da=Darangiya; gp=Goalporia; km=Kamrupia; la=Lower Assam; mc=used by Muslim Community / Islamic; sim=Simplified Spelling; tt=used by Tea Tribes; ua=Upper Assam; cb=Cachari Bengali; syl=Sylhati;

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