gao (Nagamese)
Contributed by: Mousumi Konwar on 2023-05-12
1. (Material Noun-Neuter) the physical structure and material substance of an animal or plant, living or dead. জীৱিত বা মৃত, প্ৰাণী বা উদ্ভিদৰ শাৰীৰিক গঠন বা ভৌতিক ৰূপ।

gao (Dimasa)
Contributed by: Kulendra Daulagupu on 2009-09-12
2. (Verb-Trans.) to kill or inflict injury with a bullet, arrow etc. from a gun, bow etc.

Contributed by: Kulendra Daulagupu on 2012-05-06
3. Abstract Noun(Verb-Trans.) to fire a gun or other similar weapon.
English: fire, shoot,
Bodo: गाव,
Khasi: mih,
Dimasa: gao,
Deori: কুবে

Different POS:

a. Verbal Noun: shooting, গুলী চালনা...