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lawn (English) [ IPA: ˈlɔn ASM: লন]
Contributed by: Anuj J Phonglosa on 2010-02-11
1. (Material Noun-Neuter) A plot of grass, usually tended or mowed, as one around a residence or in a park or estate. যত্নেৰে ৰখা ঘৰৰ আগৰ ঘাঁহেৰে আবৃত প্ৰঙ্গণ
English: lawn,
Assamese: তৃণাঙ্গন,
Karbi: chetai, hongtikup,
Dimasa: hakhli

lawn (Hmar)
Contributed by: LALREMTHANG HMAR on 2009-01-30
2. (Verb-Intran.) to move forward by stepping the legs in normal paces সাধাৰণভাৱে ভৰি লৰাই আগলৈ গতি কৰা