nong (Mising) [ Roman: nong]
Contributed by: Himasri Das on 2023-04-19
1. (Verb-Trans.) to do ahead of time সময়ৰ আগতে কৰা
English: ahead of time,
Mising: nong

nong (Meeteilon) [ Roman:]
Contributed by: Mohen Naorem on 2008-12-12
2. (Material Noun-Neuter) Water falling in drops/droplets from vapour condensed in the atmosphere (cloud). মেঘৰ পৰা পানীৰ টোপালবোৰ |

nong (Karbi)
Contributed by: মৰ্ণিংকে ফাংচ` (Morningkeey Phangcho) on 2008-08-27
3. (Abstract Noun) what is generally said or believed about a person's or thing's character (reputation for honesty; reputation of being a crook) কোনো ব্যক্তি বা বস্তুৰ গুণাগুণ সম্পৰ্কে সাধাৰণতে যি কোৱা বা বিশ্বাস কৰা যায়
English: image, reputation,
Assamese: ভাৱমূৰ্তি,
Karbi: anong, nong