prithviprivacy policy

privacy (English) [ IPA: ˈpraɪvəsiː ASM: প্ৰাইভেচি]
Contributed by: Rubul Mout (ৰুবুল মাউত) on 2007-05-16
1. (Abstract Noun) The quality or condition of being covered from the view of others. আনৰ দৃষ্টিৰ পৰা আঁতৰত ৰখা গুণ বা অৱস্থা|
English: cover, privacy, seclusion,
Assamese: আঁৰ, আঁৰল, আঁৰাল, আবুৰ,
Mising: kulub,
Khasi: ka jingtap

Different POS:

a. Verb-Trans.: conceal, cover, cover up, hide, আঁৰ কৰ্...

Contributed by: Bikram M Baruah on 2010-01-27
2. (Abstract Noun) the act of keeping something from being known or seen