pung (Meeteilon) [ Roman: poong]
1. (Abstract Noun) one of 24 parts of a day
দিনটোৰ ২৪ ভাগৰ এভাগ
English: hour,
Assamese: ঘণ্টা,
Bodo: घन्टा,
Meeteilon: pung,
Karbi: ghonta, porphai,
Dimasa: gonta,
Bangla: ঘন্টা,
Deori: চামু,

Related Ideas:

a. Abstract Noun: minute, মিনিট, চামি
b. Abstract Noun: day, দিন, सान, ह’रसान, sngi

2. Music(Material Noun-Neuter) an Assamese traditional membranophone instrument which was introduced by Mohapurux Srimonto Sankardev for the first time. One potter from Kopilimuk designed it for the first time with technical inputs from Srimonto Sankardev. It is traditional but classical instrument, define by classical tals (beat). Much more similar to Mridongo which is said to be Divine Instrument(DEVA BADTYA).
English: drum,
Assamese: খোল,
Meeteilon: pung,
Karbi: ingtongpo,

Related Ideas:

a. Material Noun-Neuter: drum, ঢোল, মৃদং, মৃদঙ্গ, दल, खाम

pung (Dimasa)
3. (Verb-Trans.) To block up any opening
খোল থকা অৱস্থাৰ অন্ত কৰ্