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toad (English) [ IPA: ˈtoʊd ASM: ট’ড]
Contributed by: Rupankar Mahanta on 2006-12-14
1. Reptile(Common Noun-Common) Any of numerous anuran amphibians (esp. family Bufonidae) that are distinguished from the related frogs by being more terrestrial in habit though returning to water to lay their eggs, by having a build that is squatter and shorter with weaker and shorter hind limbs, and by having skin that is rough, dry, and warty rather than smooth and moist. প্ৰধানকৈ মাটিত বাস কৰা কিন্তু কণী পাৰিবৰ সময়ত পানীলৈ যোৱা এবিধ উভচৰ প্ৰাণী। ইহঁতৰ দেহ চুটি, পাচঠেং দুখন দুৰ্বল আৰু চুটি, আৰু গাৰ চালখন খহটা, শুকান আৰু খহুলা হয়।