tui burkhumtuifâwn

tuid (Khasi)
Contributed by: Himasri Das on 2023-08-04
1. (Verb-Intran.) to flow over; to be so full that contents overflow. ইমান বেছিকৈ পূৰ হ যে পাৰ বাগৰি যা।

Contributed by: Banlambha Warjri on 2008-01-22
2. (Verb-Intran.) to move along a slope or gradient সোঁতৰ সৈতে গতি কৰ্

Contributed by: Himasri Das on 2023-08-11
3. (Verb-Trans.) to send (a liquid, fluid, or anything in loose particles) flowing or falling, as from one container to another পাত্ৰ কাতি কৰি বা হেলনীয়া কৰি তললৈ পেলা
English: pour,
Assamese: ঢাল্, বাক্,
Mising: pilik,
Khasi: tuid,
Nagamese: bake,
Tiwa: Khona,
Deori: লুগু, লুগুদু