egotism (English) [ IPA: ˈiːgəˌtɪzəm ASM: ইগইজিম]
Contributed by: Tridip Kumar on 2015-12-03
1. (Abstract Noun) Concern for your own interests and welfare. নিজৰ প্ৰয়োজন বা লাভ; আপোনাৰ হিত ৷

Contributed by: Biraj Kumar Kakati on 2008-03-29
2. (Abstract Noun) An excessive regard for one's own talents or achievements; conceit, self-importance; acting with only one's own interests in mind. মোৰ মোৰ বুলি ভবা কাৰ্য্য বা মানসিকতা |