interval (English) [ IPA: ˈɪntərvəl ASM: ইণ্টাৰভেল]
Contributed by: Swapnita Kakati on 2006-08-29
1. (Abstract Noun) The quality or condition or amount by which two or more items are not similar. দুই বা ততোধিক বস্তু একে নোহোৱা গুণ, অৱস্থা বা তাৰ পৰিমাণ।

Contributed by: Pankaj Jyoti Mahanta(পংকজ জ্যোতি মহন্ত) on 2011-04-02
2. Mathematics(Abstract Noun) Interval with respect to two real numbers is a set which contains all real numbers lies between the two numbers
English: interval,
Assamese: অন্তৰাল