orderlinessordinal number

orderly (English) [ IPA: orderly ASM: অৰ্ডাৰলী]
adj: order
Contributed by: Rajib Kumar Dutta (ৰাজীৱ কুমাৰ দত্ত) on 2006-12-16
1. (Common Noun-Common &/or Masculine) A person of menial position assigned works like carrying messages or provide other services to a higher official. ৰজাঘৰীয়া অথবা আজিকালি কাৰ্য্যালয়ত আৰু ডাকঘৰত চিঠিপত্ৰ আদি বিতৰণ কৰা কৰ্মচাৰী।

Contributed by: Bikram M Baruah on 2006-12-16
2. (Proper Adj.) maintained or one who maintains things in a manner easily accessable and looks neat