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way (English) [ IPA: ˈweɪ ASM: ৱেই]
Contributed by: Priyankoo (প্ৰিয়ংকু) on 2006-03-17
1. (Common Noun-Neuter) a long, flat and smooth construction of tar concrete or brick over the earth connection two destinations for traveling দুখন ঠাইৰ মাজত অহা-যোৱা কৰাৰ বাবে বন্ধা দীঘল, সমান আৰু মিহি মাটিৰ লোৰ

Contributed by: Prasenjit Khanikar on 2006-03-17
2. (Adverb) done in the same method or steps of doing another task