kecheKechengpen Kijut

kecheng (Karbi)
Contributed by: মৰ্ণিংকে ফাংচ` (Morningkeey Phangcho) on 2009-08-14
1. (Abstract Noun) the time at which something is brought in action or the act of bringing something into action কোনো কাৰ্য্য ৰূপায়ণ কৰাৰ সময় বা কাৰ্য্যত পৰিণত কৰাটো

Contributed by: মৰ্ণিংকে ফাংচ` (Morningkeey Phangcho) on 2009-08-13
2. Anatomy(Material Noun-Neuter) Either of two bony or cartilaginous structures that in most vertebrates form the framework of the mouth and hold the teeth. The mandible or maxilla or the part of the face covering these bones. দাঁতৰ আলু লাগি থকা হাড় ৷
English: jaw,
Assamese: পাৰি,
Bodo: खौखाब,
Khasi: ka tyngam,
Garo: chengkna,
Mizo (Lushai): khabe,
Karbi: kecheng,
Nagamese: mukh-har,
Dimasa: bakangku, kangku

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